Designing, passing and implementing nation-leading, disparity-reducing legislation through the generation, translation and consolidation of the very best engaged public policy research

Advancing systemic, institutional and policy change through trusting collaborations with policy-makers across political parties and levels (national, state, local; executive, judicial and legislative), government agencies, community members and nonprofit advocacy organizations

Changing narratives about what is possible and inevitable through collaborative, creative communication of new voices, data and policy options to diverse audiences

Developing, supporting and leading strong, inclusive teams, long-term partnerships, and resilient organizations

Recent Work

Indigenous women have always been leaders:  Learn more about the latest event Debra helped plan focused on indigenous women in honor of International Women’s Day.

GAINS (Gender and Intersectional Network Series):  The first year of this skill building class focused on race, gender, class and other barriers to personal and organizational success co-designed and taught by Debra wrapped up in May.

Access to paid family and medical leave in rural Minnesota:  In this CIVIOS Podcast, Debra discusses the policy design choices that ensure access to paid family and medical leave for rural Minnesota families, employers, and communities.

Unsung Legal Hero:  Debra was named an “Unsung Legal Hero” by Minnesota Lawyer for her work advancing diversity on the bench.

Paid Family and Medical Leave:  Why? What? How?  In webinar format, Debra, workers, and coalition members shared information with legislators and candidates.

Rainbow Wave and Representation:  The View from One Competitive State:  Debra discusses the 2018 election results in her latest Gender Policy Report post.