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Paid Leave

Family leave in rural Minnesota needs improvement, per UMN report (Minnesota Daily, 2019)
Will Lawmakers Back a Paid Family Leave bill? (Rochester Post Bulletin, 2019)
Rural Minnesotans Have Greater Need for Paid Family Leave, Humphrey School Report Says (Civios Podcast, 2019)
5 ways to champion St. Cloud-area seniors in the elder boom (St. Cloud Times, 2018)
General Mills expands its parental leave policy, adds caregivers paid time off (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2018)
General Mills makes a case for giving parents a break (MPR, 2018)
Double Duty Caregivers Take on a Second Shift in an Aging America (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2018)
Gov. Mark Dayton supports President Trump’s paid family leave plan (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2017)
Ivanka Trump’s Child Care Plan (Glamour, 2017)
Paid parental leave gains momentum in MN companies, divide in government (KARE 11 News, 2017)
More Minnesota firms offering new parents paid leave (Minnesota Public Radio, 2017)
DFL takes battle over paid leave to Minnesota Capitol (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016)
DFL legislators propose broad paid family and sick leave (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016)
Leg. preps for Paid Leave (Minnesota Daily, 2016)
Next up (in St. Paul and elsewhere): Paid parental leave (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2014)

Women’s Economic Security Act

For supporters, WESA was a long time coming (Politics in Minnesota, 2014)
How Minnesota passed a massive economic security law for women (RH Reality Check, 2014)
Pass the Women’s Economic Security Act (Minnesota Daily, 2014)
Women’s bill: the DFL social agenda even Republicans voted for  (Minn Post, 2014)
Moving Women in to the Future  (TC Daily Planet, 2014)
With help from U experts, pay gap bill clears hurdle (Minnesota Daily, 2014)

Status of Women & Girls

Research shows inequality persists for women and girls (West Central Tribune, 2014)
Data: Women face uphill economic battle  (Mankato Free Press, 2014)
Good Question:  Why Do Women Make Less than Men? (WCCO, 2011)
Gender Wage Gap Targeted in New Bill, Report (Minnesota Public Radio, January 30, 2014)
A Renewed Effort to Close Minnesota’s Gender Gap (Star Tribune, January 30, 2014)
Pay falls short for Minnesota women (Star Tribune, 2012)

Gender Diversity in the Judiciary (Infinity Project)

Unsung: Debra Fitzpatrick (Minnesota Lawyer, 2018)
The Diversity Problem on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2017)
A Push for Federal Court Diversity (Star Tribune, 2015)
Obama Attempting to Change the Face of the Judiciary (AP, 2013)
Judicial branch lacks gender diversity (Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2014)


A Balancing Act for Working Moms (KARE11, 2018)
Rural Districts New Frontier in Women Running for Office (YAHOO News, 2018)
Our Rights 102 – Raising the Stakes (TPT Public Television, 2017)
How does Minnesota’s pay gap compare to the nation (KARE11, 2017)
Give her a raise! (Minnesota Business Magazine, 2016)
The Radical Movement To Close The Gender Wage Gap That You’ve Never Heard Of  (Think Progress, 2014)
Minn. among leaders in equal pay movement (KARE 11, 2013)
A Little Empathy for Unemployed Women (Star Tribune Op Ed, 2012)
The Women’s Movement:  Has it Stalled? (Star Tribune, 2011)

Gender Policy Report posts

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